The purpose of the National Electric Code (NEC) is to safeguard electricians, the people benefiting from the electrical work, and property from potential hazards. Every electrician needs to learn the new electrical code so they can practice their professions in the safest manner possible. Every three years the NEC is updated to reflect the newest installation practices utilized by the electrical industry, which means there is a need for electricians to keep themselves informed of all new information included in these updates.

5 tips for learning the new 2011 NEC Code Changes
Continuing education for electricians is an ongoing process, and BlueVoltCEU’s online courses make this convenient to do anywhere, at any time. The following tips will help you learn the new changes to the NEC quickly and easily.

1) Change Summary. This summary cuts through the jargon to briefly state the. It is a straight-forward review, but usually requires more reading to truly understand the change. 

     Change summary example

2) Code Language. Read this section to review the change language taken directly from the 2011 Significant Changes to the NEC book. This includes all the article sections and informational notes found in the new 2011 NEC book.

     Code language sample

3) Significance of the Change. To broaden your understanding of a particular change, click on the “Read the Significance of the Change” button. This is optional information that really explores the purpose of the change and how to apply it to installation practices. This section often clarifies definitions and technical language.

4) Why the Code Changed. Click on the “See Why the Code Changed” button, where available, to view optional videos for more information. Michael Johnston, Chairman of the Code Correlating Committee and leading code expert, discusses the changes in even more detail, clarifies tricky code articles, and discusses why the code was changed.

     Michael Johnston video

5) Practice Quizzes. Each chapter in the 2011 NEC course has a practice quiz at the end. These are optional and help prepare the electrician for the 20-question final exam. All of the questions and the quizzes can be reviewed as often as needed.

Work safely and confidently, and pass inspections with the 2011 Changes to the NEC online course. 



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