Last month, BlueVolt celebrated the people who keep America moving: tradesmen. These are the hardworking men and women who often work with their hands. They ensure our children have safe school buildings, that the lights stay on and our sinks drain, and that our world keeps going when the things we depend on break down.

In 2010, our customer Irwin Tools proclaimed September 21 National Tradesmen Day to inspire the nation to show appreciation and gratitude for skilled workers like electricians, roofers, bricklayers, plumbers, HVAC technicians and carpenters. Across the country, people are encouraged on this date, every year, to extend a gesture of kindness and thanks to the local tradesmen in return for their year-round dedication.

This year, BlueVolt decided to step up the celebration by renting the pink Voodoo Doughnut truck for an hour-long visit to a large light rail construction site on Portland’s south waterfront. Paired with hot Starbucks coffee, we arrived in time for the mid-morning break. Construction workers flocked from all corners of the site to queue up for their choice of doughnut and cup o’ joe.


Andy Auxiers, the project manager for the light rail project, shared that his teams are working 20 hours per day to complete the project by Sept. 30, so the coffee, donuts and, more importantly, the recognition, were warmly appreciated.

“It was great to recognize the hard working individuals who help build our city, and it was a huge hit with the construction crews.”


The recognition of this critical workforce needn’t be limited to a single day. Look around. Skilled tradespeople are hard at work every day, all around us. Take a moment to say thanks for keeping America running strong.





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