National Tradesmen Day

Written by Kim Oates on September 2011

We understand how hard tradesmen work every day. The long hours, grueling conditions and sometimes dangerous situations—it is certainly not your typical 9-5. We would like to take a moment in honor of today’s National Tradesmen Day to extend a huge thank you to all tradesmen for their hard work!

Since 2002 we’ve worked to help make the lives of tradesmen easier. Proper training is crucial to help ensure safety on a jobsite, but it’s often difficult to rearrange schedules to attend training courses. We’ve spent countless hours riding along on service calls and sitting down to talk with skilled professionals about their unique needs. The result? An easy-to-use Learning Management System filled with safety courses to keep skills sharp. And all BlueVolt universities are online, which means no long downloads or frustrating updates necessary.

Manufacturers like Klein Tools and Hubbell Lighting have uploaded courses for tradesmen as well. The courses feature in-depth training about cutting-edge products tradesmen use every day. By understanding the unique ins and outs of a product, tradesmen are able to better install and maintain it.

Electricians and other skilled tradesmen can also earn their CEUs online. In some states, BlueVolt even reports results directly to the board.

Without tradesmen, our society couldn’t be what it is today — Mike Rowe said it best, “They are the backbone to our functioning nation.” We truly appreciate the hard work these men and women do every day, and in order to make their lives a little easier, we want to make training as accessible and convenient as possible.

So be sure to thank any of the Tradesmen in your life today for their hard work keeping America functioning. Happy National Tradesmen Day! 




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