What is a Promo Code?

Often called a "Discount code", a promotional code is an alphanumeric string used to discount courses or to offer other incentives. When you give a learner a promo code, you encourage them to enroll or complete a course. Everyone wins. Learners economically get their training and you generate revenue. In this video we will demonstrate how this works in the BlueVolt Platform.


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The Marketing Value

Promo codes are an easy way to turn training into a marketing tool. For example:


Tracking and Analytics

Use these codes to track how well you are using training as a marketing tool. For example, you can see which marketing campaigns are most effective by attaching a unique code to each campaign. 


Increasing Engagement and Growing Revenue

According to the Harvard Business School, increasing your customer retention by  just 5% can increase revenue from 25% to 95%,  Earning promo codes keeps potential learners engaged and helps keep your brand top-of-mind.


Retention, Repetition, Referrals

If a learner knows they'll earn a free enrollment for every 5 completions, they will be more likely to pay for courses, take multiple courses, and refer colleagues to your courses.


Use Cases

There are 4 variations on Promo Codes in the BlueVolt Platform. Here are some common use cases.

Code Variation Use Case

Standard Promo Codes

1. Provide a single user a promo code on a course from 1% off to 100%.

2. Allow organization to purchase multiple promo codes from you to distribute to there customers on your courses.

Triggered Promo Codes 3. Enrollment in one course triggers creation of a promo code for future use to encourage repeat purchase and referrals by sharing with colleagues.
External Promo Codes 4. Use external promo codes to offer promotional merchandise in another eCommerce platform.  Allows you the flexibility to give away courses and many other items.


To learn more about promo codes and other ecommerce features of the BlueVolt Platform, click the "Contact Us" button to your right.


About BlueVolt

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