How to Select the Right Channel-Focused LMS by BlueVolt

Recognizing that your current training methods are not adequately serving your channel partners, or your own administrative team or business strategically - is a tough realization. Here is where a Channel-Focused LMS can bridge the gap by streamlining admin function, replicating channel structure online, consolidating reporting methods, and providing an ever-present branding and mindshare tool for your company.

But it can be a difficult proposition to evaluate a tool that can bring that competitive edge to the business. What questions should you ask? What criteria are important to compare between vendors? Which LMS is truly right for how your company does business?

In the How to Select the Right Channel-Focused LMS Workbook, we lay out a concise, easy-to-follow plan to determine:

  • What criteria to establish when including LMS solutions in your evaluation
  • Who in your business should make up the evaluation team
  • The right questions to ask of an LMS vendor company
  • Other stakeholders who need to weigh in on the decision
  • How to identify competing initiatives that may impact the decision
  • The correct metrics you should be tracking in order to measure ROI of your choice

Going through the workbook and making sure you've considered every question will ensure that you make the right decision for your business and long-term strategic goals. Download it here:



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