It’s important to know the value and return on investment of business decisions. With training, it can feel a little scary to move from tried and true in-person methods to cyberspace. Thankfully, we have a few tools to make the leap a less risky.

BlueVolt’s ROI Calculator estimates the impact the BlueVolt LMS will have on your sales and profits, based on the size of your extended sales force, within the first year of implementing it.


Minimizing travel costs is also a huge benefit of incorporating online training into your existing program. The Travel Savings calculator estimates the number of employee “travel days” (days your sales employees spend traveling to train) you’ll save, as well as the hard cost savings from flights, lodging, meal and such. For example, with just 10 sales employees traveling twice a month, you could save over $50,000 in hard costs.

Elearning is also a green alternative for your office.  With the Print Savings calculator, you can estimate the cost savings of putting your training online with BlueVolt instead of printing and shipping training materials – which usually end up in the recycling or garbage bin. You can also see an estimate of the number of sales collateral pages wasted, trees used and tons of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Finally, with the Manufacturer Rep Savings calculator, you can estimate the savings you’ll gain when you reduce the number of Lunch-and-Learns your manufacturer reps deliver. Given the number of lines carried by a typical rep, the number of branches they serve, and the fact that they aren’t necessarily trainers, it isn’t realistic to expect reps to train everyone on your product when they show up with a pizza at lunch time. When you deliver the training online ahead of the rep’s visit, the sales force already knows the features and benefits and can make better use of the rep’s and their own time.

While changing from traditional trainings methods to more contemporary ones can feel like a bit of a risk, we do our best to provide you with all the tools necessary to ensure you feel confident making the switch. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!



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