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In 2 weeks, many of the wonderful clients and best friends of BlueVolt will gather to learn from both remarkable speakers and the BlueVolt team. We’ll be sharing wisdom with our counterparts and enjoying the collective learning experiences offered by LEAP Ahead 2019. As the conference nears, please know that there is still time to register. To further encourage you, here is an introduction to the 4th of our extraordinary invited speakers. Juliana Trichilo Cina will help us to answer the critical question:


The quick answer is: “Bring on the learners!” That relies on marketing: thinking like a marketer, remembering that marketing is an ongoing process, making time for testing and learning, and engaging with your internal marketing teams.

Ask Juliana Trichilo Cina to describe herself and she’s likely to say something like this:

“Extreme entrepreneurialism, servant leadership, and continuous improvement are in my blood. I thrive when I tackle the goals that scare others away. I’m fiercely authentic and I dig deep.”

To deliver on those promises, Juliana created her Toronto-based communications firm, Smart Self Solutions, in 2017. Long before that she refined her craft through years of working in the areas of communications; cross-platform marketing; learning; organizational planning; executive coaching; the strategic overhaul of elearning, simulation, and gaming development processes; and business development.

Juliana has clearly helped many businesses, but she is particularly excited to work with start-ups and organizations with seemingly impossible growth objectives. She is an expert on powerful communication strategies and has spent her career exploring optimized experiences in learning, marketing, behavior change, and idea proliferation. Juliana knows how exceptional messaging results in increased opportunity. She strives to bring communities together through effective communications.

For 2019, Juliana returns to LEAP to complete our journey From Science to Business by discussing the best ways to market your university. She will explore how to think like a marketer and ways to bring quality users to the courses we work so hard to deploy. Join us for two delightful days of learning, sharing and community. 

Register today and prepare yourself to bring on the learners through well designed marketing efforts. Everything you need to know about the program is on our LEAP Ahead agenda page.

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