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There is more to  LEAP Ahead 2019 than just the powerful event on June 18 - 19th. The conference focuses on the exciting theme "From Science to Business". But, applying your new knowledge directly to specific business outcomes aides retention and lets you take immediately useful action. That's why we've added an optional Full-Day Session, on June 20th, to guide you through a deep dive into how to Create a Best-in-Class Channel Strategy.

One of the most difficult aspects of creating an effective online learning solution is stepping back to consider the big picture. Yet, the tangible business outcomes that result from taking time to think about your learner audience, the information you provide, and your employee's experience within your university can dramatically boost your success. Whether you are leveraging training to increase your channel success or to educate your organization, defining your learning strategy is the best way to ensure you meet your goals.

At BlueVolt, we use the Channel Learning Canvas to help our customers create a plan for their universities. Once they’ve designed a custom canvas, questions like:

What course should we build next?

are easy to answer. Your university becomes a “go-to” platform for your channel, your employees, and even your customers.

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Immediately apply all the new things you learned on the first 2 days of LEAP Ahead 2019 and spend a day with us creating your custom canvas. Join our 1-day session on June 20th and head home having already put new learning into action. 

Register today and be get ready to act immediately to turn what you learn at LEAP in to immediate results!  Everything you need to know about the program is on our LEAP Ahead agenda page.

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