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The LEAP Ahead 2019 excitement continues and there is still time to plan your June 18 - 19th visit to Portland for BlueVolt’s 8th annual conference. There’s no better way to spend a couple of beautiful June days than among inspirational speakers and extraordinary workshops exploring the theme From Science to Business. 

Last week we spoke of the first part of our theme: Science. Now we’d like to talk about the “Business” piece by introducing another speaker.

Asset 31Lisa Ann Edwards is a leading expert in the field of talent development and a master at cultivating excellence in others. Her skill in providing measurable return on investment for clients has demonstrated upwards of 251% ROI and has lifted employee engagement nearly 20%. She is a pioneer and respected thought leader on the ROI of Coaching. Lisa will provide insights into how her methodology delivers quantifiable, tangible results in a traditionally unmeasured space. At LEAP Ahead 2019, what she does for coaches she will help us do for learning by explaining how to elevate the perception, impact, and importance of the work we do for our organizations. Lisa has presented to audiences around the world and has been a featured speaker at over 60 universities and professional associations. She has contributed to nine books related to coaching, talent management, and development. In addition, Lisa performs pro bono work, in collaboration with the United Nations, to increase the impact of the International Coaching Federation's Foundation.

Lisa is currently training others on her “Money Talk” methodology through her newly established 12-week “Prove-It Lab”. Two members of the BlueVolt team are participating in Lisa’s inaugural cohort and, from experience, we can say that her enthusiasm, dynamism, and ability to monetize ROI in a straightforward manner, is not to be missed.

Lisa’s talk and workshop are not the only reasons to be with us for LEAP Ahead 2019. There are other speakers, some amazing workshops, a panel discussion of your peers, and, of course, ample opportunity to learn and interact with all of us at BlueVolt. Register today and be prepared to join your colleagues at LEAP Ahead 2019!  Everything you need to know about the program is on our LEAP Ahead agenda page.

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