3 Benefits to Online Product Training Infographic by BlueVolt

Interested in the opinions of counter and inside sales people about the impact of online training?

We were too. We recently surveyed over 1,200 people who work at distributors across various industries in regards to their preferences on product training. In this survey entitled Voice of the eLearner, the respondents agreed with many statements about the benefits of eLearning. The results showed 3 strong benefits these people experienced from an online product training program:

  1. eLearning made them better salespeople
  2. eLearning resulted in improved productivity on the job
  3. eLearning increased their affinity for certain brands

We included these statements in an infographic to connect to the dots between the salesperson's opinions of online product training in these 3 areas.

Download the 3 Benefits Sales People Sales See from Online Product Training Infographic

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