How to Drive Profit with a Channel LMS

Written by Kim Oates on September 2015

Are you responsible for sales through a channel? Do you manage a distributed or extended salesforce?

Increasing channel sales and the effectiveness of that sales process is a challenge facing manufacturers, suppliers, franchisees, resellers, and distributors. If you are in any way accountable for the profit in a sales channel, you know about the demands of maximizing every dollar spent to develop and grow that channel.

Getting mind share of the sales people who are physically remote or aren’t even your employees or coworkers is difficult. They have their own priorities and getting information about your product in front of them in an effective way is easier said than done. Deploying an army of reps and trainers often does the trick but is also extremely expensive. So what’s a better way to train your channel?

John Leh is the CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning and he knows a lot about training channels and extended enterprises. A lot. He has almost two decades of experience in the learning industry.

He is delivering a webinar on September 16th that will show you ways to increase your channel’s sales and effectiveness with a learning management system. He’ll outline proven strategies and cover certifying your partner sales teams, how to get your channel to participate in your training program, discuss how to provide just-in-time access for those on the go, as well as outline new techniques and technologies he’s discovered.

How to Drive Profit with a Channel LMS
September 16, 2015
10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET

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BlueVolt has worked with John Leh before and we have a lot of respect for his experience and perspective. If you’re able to attend this 30-minute webinar, we believe you’ll walk away with information and ideas that you can use to improve your channel’s sales.




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