No one has enough of it, you can never seem to find it, and it gets away from everyone. Simply put, time is difficult to manage, especially around the holidays. As turkeys roast and sleigh bells ring, organizations must find ways to effectively deliver important training material and rise above the holiday buzz, and eLearning solutions could be the answer.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

When custom eLearning is combined with the mobile revolution, mobile eLearning is born. Instead of requiring users to sit down at a desktop or laptop computer, companies that offer solutions such as apps and mobile-optimized training materials empower their employees and learners with the freedom to access educational content from anywhere, at any time. According to a study conducted by Capgemini Consulting, Cisco documented a 33 percent increase in employee satisfaction when organizations allowed workers to use their personal smartphones and tablets.

Best of all, users don’t have to leave their homes to complete mobile-based courses, which is especially beneficial for telecommuters. Instead of trekking to work, learners can enjoy more time with their families and complete training modules from the comfort of their homes. 

Easier Scheduling

Thanks to eLearning, you will no longer have to shuffle all of your employees into a classroom at one time. When companies use this traditional training method, scheduling conflicts inevitably arise and firms are forced to host make-up sessions at extra expense. 

ELearning solutions alleviate these problems by allowing users to take courses at their earliest individual convenience. 

Saving Time 

Elearning saves times for those administering the training program and for those consuming the training. If a user needs reinforcement on one particular subject, he or she can quickly reference the relevant material instead of going through the entire training again. Since material is hosted in a central location, trainers can easily update or add content in a matter of minutes, ensuring the lessons presented are always relevant, thereby keeping the courses fresh.   

Targeting Training Areas

Custom eLearning initiatives improve performance by enabling companies develop training that targets specific areas of need. Trainers can create custom modules for niche topics like customer service techniques or procedures unique to their organization, allowing employees to gain deep knowledge where they need it the most.


Employee satisfaction is an essential component of a profitable and successful company. ELearning solutions save companies and employees valuable time so everyone can eat more turkey and simply enjoy extra time with their families this holiday season. 



Photo credit: Lou Oms on Flickr



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