Empowering organizations, their partners and employees with turn-key online custom training since 2002, BlueVolt has released its new proprietary Salesforce® integration. This next-generation software allows BlueVolt customers to seamlessly merge their learning management system data with their instance of Salesforce.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce, a leading CRM, automates sales processes, thereby helping organizations increase their sales revenue, conversions, customer satisfaction and deployment speed. 

The Salesforce CRM system allows sales managers to easily review important information, including pipelines, account renewals, upgrades and more. The data collected creates valuable information that directly affects sales management strategies and procedures.


What will this integration application do?

The primary focus of the new BlueVolt Salesforce integration offers new and existing customers the option to effortlessly integrate their learning management system enrollment records in to Salesforce, to better manage all channels and leads.

The integration of these two products creates five benefits that will help organize and promote sales success:

  1. Saves time Integrating your LMS enrollment records in to Salesforce allows you to manage as many of your business processes as you would like in one place. This decreases the amount of time spent going back and forth between your Salesforce portal, LMS, and human resource management portal.
  2. Instant data access Gone are the days of waiting for reports. You can now instantly access any information you need when you need it. The Salesforce integration allows you to easily access LMS-specific information from Salesforce. You can run reports on individuals, groups, customers or courses in order to more effectively monitor users’ completion, progress and understanding of the disseminated eLearning content.
  3. Improved visibility You can look at your sales, opportunity pipeline, etc., and most importantly, your contacts. For instance, check what a specific user has been up to as far as course work and their sales. This ability can open the door for user course suggestions that could improve product sales or provide you with more insight into which members of your channels are adequately comprehending the eLearning materials.
  4. Improved management insight As a sales manager, you are in charge of salespeople, distributor partners, contract customers and multiple internal and external sales channels – all of whom are taking courses in your LMS. Salesforce integration gives you more insight into the level of activity and the knowledge base of your staff, customers, and users in order to manage them quickly and more efficiently. This is beneficial if your product sales are not doing very well at one of the points in your sales channel.
  5. Sales lead generation Salesforce integration offers amazing lead generation benefits, highlighting leads you would have missed or not have had access to before.  These leads are created from people who have used your training and already exist within your external channels. This gives 24-hour access to users who are currently not customers, but are ideal candidates.

BlueVolt’s proprietary sales integration feature helps move our customers and their sales in the right direction.


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