A sales team composed of employees who know a great deal about what they are selling are able to more effectively recommend the right products and handle customer questions. But what if your sales team is lacking extensive product knowledge, and what does that mean as far as your team’s performance is concerned?

In order to maximize your sales, you need a training solution that makes it easy for your entire sales team to learn about your products. With an e-learning platform, you can:

  • Provide extended sales channels an easy way to learn about your products.
  • Equip members of your internal sales team with a better understanding of your products so they can sell more.
  • Easily track who has and hasn’t completed your product training


Extended Sales Channels

For manufacturers, delivering the right product knowledge can make a big difference in how well people down the channel sell products. An e-learning platform makes this easier by putting product training right at salespeople’s fingertips, so they can access it when and where they want. IDC-USA, a cooperative and BlueVolt customer, shared that their preferred suppliers experienced a 23% increase in sales in the first six months following the launch of their first online training module.

This reduces the need for face-to-face training by a sales or manufacturer’s rep. And with the reporting in the LMS, you’ll see who’s been trained and who hasn’t, giving your traveling reps a heads up and making their time more productive.


Internal Sales Teams

Businesses need a good way to grow their internal teams’ product knowledge and train them how to best sell products. When you use a learning management system to deliver product training, you’re ensuring everyone has the same (correct) information.

Western Extralite, an electrical distributor, made it easier for their employees to learn about the products they sell with a learning management system. "Instead of warehouse employees simply picking out the product, scanning it and not knowing anything about what they held in their hand, they can learn about them on the LMS,” said training manager Julie Biron, “If they know about the products they work with, the customer gets better service."

Investing in an e-learning program for your company gives your sales team instant access to current and relevant product knowledge and training. This allows your team members to learn on-the-go, at times that are convenient for them. More product training equals increased product sales. 


Easy Reporting

Reporting is a key element in the success of any business. An LMS helps companies know who is trained and who isn’t, which allows them to more closely focus their resources on training those who need the help. Firms can also compare sales data to training data and determine how training is impacting their sales.

Product knowledge training will help all salespeople do their jobs to the best of their ability. Giving them the information they need with a learning management system leads to more knowledgeable employees and extended sales channels.



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