By now, you have probably seen the GDPR acronym a time or two. If not, GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect in the EU on May 25th. This new legislation is all about giving greater security, transparency, and control of personal data online. The upcoming changes impact companies based in the European Union, or those processing the personal data of people residing in the EU. We believe data security is important to all citizens of the world, even those outside of the EU. So, in support of the new regulation, we have made a few platform updates and have more detailed information here.

Please note that beyond an initial “welcome” email, the BlueVolt platform traditionally isn’t used to email your learners about anything other than their interaction with training content, such as an enrollment in a course, or a behind schedule email. We will not be sending emails to your learners regarding GDPR compliance. If you would like to communicate with your learners and provide them specific information about GDPR and their account in your university, we recommend using the announcement feature to display that information when a learner accesses your university.

If you would like assistance with using this feature, we are happy to help!

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