Coming off a meaningful event, you want to make sure that those magical moments of learning are captured, shared and leveraged to really make the most of your time investment. This year’s LEAP Ahead event was packed with incredible insights, thoughts and perspectives that will undoubtedly help each of us in our roles. To share our insights internally, and with our community, I asked my BlueVolt colleagues:  What was your favorite or most meaningful learning moment from the event?

Scott: From Boaz Rauchwerger’s keynote; attitude is everything and I am a doctor in human relations. I am in the people business.

Brandon: Building a process around a successful training program takes time. Judi Carpenter’s example was a company with a training program that wasn't as successful as they wanted. That forced them to create a specific process around relaunching the program. Centered around this was gaining buy-in from key executives through messaging to users that was consistent across the organization. She also found advocates among the managers and learner base to evangelize the training programs. Promoting the program at every single opportunity they had, and creating promotions and incentives to drive usage, all helped. It took time, but it's now a highly successful initiative.  

Madison: Some favorite quotes from the event include:
“The group runs at the speed of the leader.”
“Being negative gives you an excuse to not take action”
“A little stress can cause a better attention span and lead to better retention”.

I loved Julie Dirksen’s lesson on storytelling and developing a narrative! Super cool to add excitement and interest to boring topics, and help people retain information that they learn. Her session on getting feedback was also wonderful. I’m inspired to do a mini “user testing” day where we get on a call with people, and easily watch them take our courses, and see what is working, and what areas that we need to improve on.

Kelley: I found so much value in Art Kohn’s topic around reinforcement training, or training "boosts". I can see our recertification feature supporting automated learning boosts from the LMS after a course has been completed. I also appreciated Anne Derryberry explaining all of the possible ways to use digital badges. This idea of micro-credentialing seems powerful in our space.

Sydne: I really enjoyed meeting all of our customers, the conversations to help them get to where they want to be, hearing their feedback on our programs and sharing their ideas, commiserating on shared issues in the industry, and making sure they were having a good time​

John: Judy Katz's Learning and Performance Solutions Matrix session was great! I learned when best to leverage ILT, presentational eLlearning, webinars, etc. I also enjoyed Art Kohn's presentation on "boosters" to follow up online training as a way to retain the knowledge.

Mike: My biggest takeaway was from Art Kohn's presentation on memory, especially his neurological-process explanation of why reinforcement is vital to adult learners.


So there are some of the highlights we had. If you attended the event, what was your favorite learning?


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