Extended Enterprise LMS of the Year

Written by Kim Oates on December 2011

We are pleased to share that influential elearning consultant Craig Weiss, of E-Learning 24/7, named BlueVolt the runner up for his Extended Enterprise System of the Year award!


Craig is active in the elearning field and has more than thirteen years experience, including as a former analyst for Brandon Hall Research. He also manages the popular LinkedIn group  E-Learning 24/7. Disappointed with our industry’s “awards season” and the way most companies give out awards, Craig decided that E-Learning 24/7 would do things a little differently. Instead of entrants paying money to submit an award application and the only winners being those who advertise with the award-giving organization, he was going to level the playing field, and choose winners based on his knowledge of their products.

According to Craig, a good extended enterprise system should be geared towards the channel/distributor space and have multiple portals for various types of users (for example external vs. internal employees). They should also feature reward incentives (like BlueVolt’s $BlueBucks) and powerful reporting tools.

In regards to BlueVolt as an extended enterprise system, Craig wrote, “Very cool incentive points program, e-commerce reporting, can place ads at the bottom of the page, multiple portals/sub portals, e-commerce, excellent UI for users and admins, very good LMS.”

When considering BlueVolt as the Extended Enterprise System of the Year, Craig states that BlueVolt “has come a long way” and features “clever additions.”

We want to know, what features do you think are most important when considering an extended enterprise LMS?


photo credit: LuMaxArt on Flickr



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