Microlearning is the current paradigm in e-learning circles because of its ability to tap into the natural learning patterns of human beings. This scientific approach to training emphasizes small bites of information, including video training and index card-sized blocks of text, as the most efficient way to spread a message to learners. Online video training programs that adopt the principles of microlearning encourage higher rates of ongoing participation than older training systems and generate a better return on investment.


Why video training?

Have you ever stared at a computer screen full of text, knowing that you had to read through the material but unable to motivate yourself to do so? How much did you actually read? Generally speaking, when faced with a wall of text on a screen, you will absorb less than 30 percent of the information. That number isn’t so troubling when you’re perusing a recap of last night’s baseball game, but it is incredibly alarming when the text in question is your company’s training guide or product information sheet.

Your employees are more visual today than they were a decade ago. You have to work harder than ever to keep their attention, but the tradeoff is a staff full of engaged, knowledgeable and driven team members who are all on the same page. To reach these learners, speak to them in a way that they understand. Online video training represents a powerful channel through which to connect with these individuals.


Benefits of video training

Video training is not just more appealing to your users, it also offers tangible benefits to the learning experience, yielding higher rates of retention and better understanding of the material. Online video training:

  1. Reduces processing speed: Studies estimate that humans process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text, and though this exact number is up for debate, the heart of the research remains true—people learn better when they see things rather than read them. Because users are able to process visual information more quickly, they spend less time digesting the training materials, but still take away a great deal of knowledge.
  2. Is easily digestible: The human mind is better at retaining chunks of information when the knowledge is received in small doses. This is why movie studios spend so much time creating tag lines and why politicians are so concerned with sound bites. With video content, users aren’t intimidated by a screen full of text. Instead, they are presented with short online video training materials that they can digest in fewer than five minutes. The shorter training sessions also permit users to engage with the training materials when they only have six or seven minutes, rather than forcing them to set aside large blocks of time to go through longer, text-based training materials.
  3. Captures user attention: High-speed Internet service and constant access to the Web radically changed the average attention span of the modern consumer and employee. Now, people have a strong tendency to skim your training materials, rather than read. But, they will watch video training for three to four minutes before their attention wanes. In that time, your video imparts much more information than a text presentation, and the user sees it all.
  4. Touches different learning styles: Almost all of the users in your organization fall into the three major learning types. Auditory learners rely heavily on listening and language to learn, and benefit from audio tracks and reading. Visual learners retain information best when they can see it, either through images or videos. Kinesthetic learners grasp information best when they can follow a demonstration by doing the work on their own. While video training doesn’t do much for kinesthetic learners, it does appeal heavily to both auditory and visual learners.

Video training production is not something that every company is set up to do on its own. BlueVolt provides video production as part of its complete elearning solution services. You’ll work with the creative development team to come up with an online video training course that includes all of your important information, presented in an interesting and engaging format.

Incorporating video into your online training solution will set your business up for success via a training program that speaks to your primary users. In doing so, you’ll ensure your training investment is maximized.



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