The ROI of Sales Training in the Lighting Industry


Growing sales in a rapidly changing industry is a problem that keeps sales leaders up at night. We should know because they're our clients.  After countless conversations, we've become convinced that increased training is one of the most impactful investments sales leaders can make. People sell what they know - keeping your channel up-to-date on your changing industry keeps your channel selling.

The lighting industry is a case in point. We're proud to call the lighting industry's leaders our clients. Lighting companies choose BlueVolt because the channels that yesterday sold their incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and toggle switches must now sell their LEDs and advanced control solutions. Seemingly overnight a product sale has become a solution sale.

So how do you train the channel to handle this transition? 


Clear light bulb on white surface laying on its side

BlueVolt’s most active lighting clients will have improved the product knowledge among their channel sales associates over 100,000 times this year. One manufacturer had over 9,000 online trainings in a single month! The average lighting manufacturer in the BlueVolt network has nearly 70 active courses, with the most active at 133.

And how has that training impacted sales? One large BlueVolt lighting client just announced year-over-year quarterly sales growth of 11%! In the same 3-month period, this firm provided 17,300 successful on-demand product trainings, an average of nearly 5,800 newly empowered advocates per month.

When a manufacturer provides thousands of learning opportunities per month and sees tremendous success in a moment of disruptive change, we must ask:  

Could that possibly be a coincidence?

We think not.



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