Extended Enterprises Need a Learning Mindset

Expanding training programs to include specialized courses for customers, channel partners, and retailers who need product knowledge and skills is a strategic decision. Extended enterprises need a learning-based mindset.


One Size Doesn't Fit All

What motivates people to develop a learning mindset varies. It's critical to implement the right systems and tools. Knowledge transfer requires a network where people are empowered to share.

In this video we discuss best practices for enabling this cultural shift in extended enterprises, specifically in channel sales models. Our guest is Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President of eLearning for Harbinger Interactive Learning.


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Best Practices We Discuss

  • A culture where everyone wants to learn and grow
  • How online learning helps reach an entire sales channel with your messaging
  • How building a learning culture in an extended enterprise differs from doing so in a single company.
  • Motivating partners to accurately represent a product and advocate for a brand.
  • Best practices for sharing courses in a large enterprise.

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About Harbinger Interactive Learning

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a global design and development company specializing in eLearning modernization and custom eLearning solution development. They have over 25 years of experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for various verticals like publishing, life sciences, BFSI, retail, and high-tech. Harbinger Interactive Learning is a part of Harbinger Group, a global provider of innovative software products and services to companies in over 60 countries. 


About BlueVolt

Since 2003, BlueVolt has been a pioneer in the online eLearning industry. BlueVolt consistently ranks as the top learning and marketing platform, combined with world-class customer service. The secret to BlueVolt success is its sharing network—sharing more than half a million pieces of product training from a variety of industries and manufacturers. BlueVolt supports a wide range of organizations to increase sales, build brand leadership, and enhance employee knowledge.



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