We’re very excited to announce that we won the Brandon Hall Gold Award for the Best Advance in Rewards and Recognition Technology for our $BlueBucks rewards program.

If you haven’t heard of the $BlueBucks program yet, it’s our built-in, pay-for-performance system that both excites and rewards learners as they successfully complete training through their online University, which is the learning management system we host. Adding $BlueBucks to training ensures more learners successfully complete the courses companies often spend countless hours developing. In fact, the program is proven to increase online course enrollments up to ten times! Our learners have earned over 1.8 million $BlueBucks so far and that number grows every day.

We seriously improved the $BlueBucks program so that learners can redeem their $BlueBucks rewards for gift cards at hundreds of retailers nationwide (like Foot Locker, REI and Sears) to shop any way they like – online, offline or even from their smart phone! And now:

  • Virtual eGift cards are delivered to the learner’s email immediately after redeeming for their retailer of choice. The system tracks the receipt of the gift card and sends reminders to the learner if he or she has not yet viewed the gift card.
  • Learners can also redeem eGift cards at participating retailers’ brick and mortar stores, which accept the printed or mobile versions of the gift card.
  • A unique gift card experience allows the BlueVolt learner to re-gift the virtual card, select from numerous gift card designs, view a video provided by the merchant, and display a mobile-friendly version of the gift card on their smart phone.

We’re pretty unique in the elearning industry with this reward system. Brandon Hall used the following criteria to judge the submissions for the Excellence in Technology awards:

  • The product’s innovation
  • Its unique differentiators
  • The value of the need the product addresses
  • The measurable results for customers.

We’re doing a happy dance around the office.  



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