In August, we were very lucky to have a great group of customers in our Portland office for our annual User Group. During the event we had important sessions including peer group discussions on Successes and Challenges of Running a Training Program and Measuring Training Success. We talked about hot topics of mobile learning and social media. And there was also a presentation by our director of engineering, Belinda Runkle, on the BlueVolt development process and our roadmap. 


The first half of her presentation was about how our software development team works and what items are on our upcoming roadmap, but the second half was where things got interesting.  Belinda posed the question to our customers:  “If you controlled the BlueVolt roadmap, what changes would be most beneficial to your organization?”

Our customers had some very insightful suggestions and system changes, one of them regarding getting courses online. I think we can all agree that getting training out to your training audience is the most important thing, and you have to be able to get those courses online to do so. Customers recommended some usability improvements for the process of loading courses to the Learning Management System and for cross-categorizing them into multiple categories. They had some great ideas for making the Admin easier to use, and I just loved hearing them discuss these ideas with each other.

The exciting news is that we were able to immediately prioritize some of the suggestions that came out of the user group into our development roadmap. Since we follow an agile approach to our software development, our developers worked on getting these improvements implemented and we just released the changes to the LMS for all of our customers to benefit from.  From suggestion to implementation in just two months! The feedback is tremendous, for example, Lori of Johnstone Supply says, “Amazing! Those are awesome! Thank you so, so, so much.”

For those of you who know how BlueVolt started and that we are a customer-driven company, this will not come as a surprise. But I wanted to share this experience, for those who haven’t worked with us, or for our new customers. We love having intelligent customers that constantly push us to improve! Thank you BlueVolt customers.  


Photo credit: thejourney1972 (South America "addicted") on Flickr



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