Manufacturers need effective ways to train both employees and channel partners — and to verify the training worked. Distributors are looking to provide their employees with training on products, policies, and safety that help keep the business running smoothly. Associations and buying groups must keep providing value to their members.

These three types of businesses are connected and their success is dependent on each other. It’s these connections that create an ecosystem.


This is where BlueVolt comes in. The BlueVolt learning management system creates an ecosystem that allows these organizations to share information and deliver better training that grows their businesses.

It all starts with the manufacturer or supplier. Its goal is to sell more of its products through its distribution channel. The distributor also wants to sell more products and improve its profitability. A better trained salesforce helps both organizations improve their sales. It’s right here where the buying group creates value for both its supplier and distributor members. And right there is where BlueVolt connects everyone, with an LMS for associations.

An association uses a BlueVolt-hosted university as a central hub where their manufacturers’ post product training - a single destination for product training that increases members' and suppliers' sales. Distributors’ salespeople take this online training to learn about new products’ features and benefits. This salesforce is now better able to serve its customers and recommend the manufacturer’s products, increasing sales for everyone.

We created this infographic to illustrate these connections and show how the BlueVolt ecosystem functions – creating relationship that deliver results.

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