An online Learning Management System easily helps increase the consistency of your message for learners, but did you know that it can also help increase the consistency of the message from your classroom instructors?

One of our customers, Wilson Construction, found that different instructors were teaching the same in-person courses with slight variations. This had nothing to do with the quality of the instructors, but instead the natural differences in teaching styles. However, because the courses were all safety courses, it was crucial that learners all received the exact same information in order to be prepared in the workplace and on the jobsite.


Best of both worlds
Wilson Construction’s solution? Blend online learning with classroom learning.

Instead of implementing the LMS just for learners, Wilson had its instructors use the online platform during in-person courses. This helped ensure that every instructor covered the exact same material - no matter the time, location of the class, or teaching style.

And this scenario isn’t unique to Wilson Construction.  There are four types of learning styles, so it only makes sense there are many more ways of teaching in order to accommodate for these different styles. However, this could lead to the omission of important information or conveying misinformation. By having instructors utilize a course in the LMS to teach from, they will have the same material and can adjust their teaching to accommodate all four types of learners. Plus it is easier to update the content in one place, on the LMS, instead of ensuring all the dispersed instructors have the most current version of handouts and hard copies.

Easier to manage
The BlueVolt LMS has a feature that simplifies your training calendar and registration process for in-person events. For each training event you can configure date, time, seat limits, location information, instructor, and reminder emails. Learners can check out and register for events from a calendar view or a chronological list view and both views can also be filtered by event type.

Often instructors or training managers want learners to demonstrate a newly-acquired skill. This is especially relevant when the learning involves larger than life objects that cannot be brought into a classroom, involve a safety hazard or are just difficult to test for. Training administrators can create an ‘activity’ in the LMS to give learners an opportunity to prove their competence. The administrator sets up various activities, but in order for the learner to complete the training, they must complete a task or training activity (like making an actual sales calls side-by-side with a manager or correctly operate a piece of machinery). The learner submits that completed activity for approval online to the administrator who can approve it, all within the LMS.  

Blending in-person and online training gives learners and training managers the best of both worlds. 


Photo credit: Elsie esq. on Flickr



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