Imagine that you just designed a truly fantastic elearning course; a course that expertly blends video, quizzes, games and text. A course that is just begging to be shared with other learners from other companies, organizations or even industries!  A course that if available to others, would increase your company’s sales. 


Lucky for you, BlueVolt offers Course Sharing—a unique feature of the Learning Management System that allows you to share that fantastic elearning course. This means that customers’ university administrators can upload content to the Course Sharing library where other administrators can browse and request to add courses to their university. There are hundreds of product training and professional skills courses available.  And now administrators can also shop quickly and easily for courses in OpenSesame’s elearning marketplace, directly from within the BlueVolt LMS. 

Typically with online training, a manufacturer uploads a course about its latest product to its university to share it with its learners. But what about the rest of the supply chain—the distributors, outside sales teams, manufacturers’ reps and contractors or end-users? One of elearning’s most useful (and powerful) assets is the ability to deliver a consistent message to all learners throughout an entire channel or industry vertical (everyone gets the exact same information, so you don’t have to worry about teaching variations or diluting your powerful message). So why wouldn’t you want to extend your message and allow others to learn all about your new amazing product, directly from you? Course sharing does just that!

Course sharing can also help cut training costs. Rather than continually having to create new courses, administrators can add new content without having to create it themselves. Using the previous example, if the product manufacturer creates a course, then the distributor no longer has to create one of its own for its sales reps.

On a related note, course sharing also helps ensure content is fresh. If every time your learners visit your university they’re only greeted by stale courses that they’ve already taken, they will eventually stop coming to the university. But, if you’re constantly providing new content, they will likely spend more time learning, become even more effective salespeople or customer service representatives or knowledgeable end users.

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