Whether it's selling light bulbs or serving diners in a fine restaurant, the best salespeople are those who most enthusiastically understand their product.


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"We together, AD and BlueVolt, have created a very easy way to integrate BlueVolt learning into any organization."

 -Debby Hite, AD Rewards Program Manager
Affiliated Distributors


Learn, Recommend, Sell, Flourish, Repeat...


Think about the best waiters – they recommend what they love - they don’t just ask what you want. That comes from competency and it’s what allows people to flourish.


The Affiliated Distributors (AD) and BlueVolt Partnership

Debby Hite has been the AD Rewards Program Manager at Affiliated Distributors for 8 years. In 2021 she is expanding the AD Rewards program beyond it's current focus on electrical businesses. Debby is an expert on incentive programs to motivate channel partners. Five years into BlueVolt she provides a "one stop shop" for training over 6,500 sales people.

Andrew Olsen, BlueVolt's Partner Success Manager, leads the effort to help associations grow and manage the distributor and supplier experience within the BlueVolt sharing network. 


Providing Learning Incentives Pays Off

In the video above, Debby and Andrew sit down to discuss how incentive programs achieve the ultimate goal of AD supplies and members: to sell more.   

Topics Include:

  • Saving on travel while still training people to flourish
  • Analyzing ROI with sales metrics and training data, per SKU
  • The power of accountability
  • The value of accurate reporting
  • Zoom Fatigue - The good news is that everyone knows how to work online now
  • Why time is of the essence


"Don’t question whether you have the ability to do it, or even the interest. Just hit the button and we’ll take it from there."                                           

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