A Decade of Online Training

Written by Kim Oates on March 2012

Did you know that BlueVolt was one of the first companies to offer online training for tradesmen? In fact, this year marks our 10 year anniversary in the elearning landscape!

When we got our start back in 2002, we spent hundreds of hours with electricians while on the job – watching them work, talking to them and understanding what made them happy in their jobs and what their frustrations were.  What we found was that proper training was critical, especially in keeping up-to-date with the thousands of products introduced in the industry each year, but the right resources simply weren’t available. Yet…


We created the BlueVolt Learning Management System because we know often times the best way to learn about a product is directly from the manufacturer. We decided to bridge the gap between product manufacturers and the people most important to the success of the product (often these people are sales staff, installers, distributor employees, etc.) with an LMS that puts the focus on verifying knowledge and rewarding success.

Getting up and running was comparable to building a three-legged stool. Manufacturers didn’t want to put content online until there were enough eyeballs in the audience, but the audience didn’t have anything to look at online without enough courses.

Over the years, though, the numbers grew and now we have more than 208,000customers taking training courses, powered by BlueVolt, from a variety of manufacturers, associations and distributors.  We’ve also delivered more than one million courses and awarded nearly two million $BlueBucks, our award-winning incentive program, to learners.

It’s been a great decade, and we’re looking forward to what the next years will bring as we continue to develop and upgrade our Learning Management System.

Stay tuned for our next post featuring a Q&A with our founder about where BlueVolt has been and where we’re headed.



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