Each person has their own unique needs. This goes for electricians, too. So, why can't electrical continuing education accommodate those unique needs? Well, the amazing thing is, it can.

When you look for a course, you should consider the following tips for selecting the right training for you:

  1. The learning is highly customizable. If you're extremely busy and already have years of experience under your belt, you don't necessarily want to study each detail, especially if it's not necessary for that all-important license renewal.
  2. Non-required details are easily accessible. Say that you do want to dig deeper on a subject. Perhaps you're curious why a code was changed or added. Maybe this isn’t required for your license renewal, but sometimes knowing the background behind the data can help you remember the data for the test.
  3. Vital material clearly marked in the course. In order to get through the material as quickly as possible, having the really important stuff easily recognizable helps you breeze through, focusing only on what you need.
  4. Liberal use of summaries throughout. This allows you to get the gist of what's on the page so your mind can focus properly on the ideas presented. This is education on rocket thrusters. Say you're learning NEC updates. This might simply be a "change summary" for the particular item in code.
  5. Generous use of pictures and videos. Text is important, but a text-only education can become pretty mind-numbing. We all need variety to spice up learning so that it doesn't become information overload.
  6. Practice quizzes. This gives you the chance to test your retention of the material before actually taking the exam. In a hurry? Merely skip these.
  7. Fast retrieval of your completion certificate. This is, after all, what you're after. You want to get the certificate without having to wait days or weeks. At least one online course lets you retrieve your certificate as soon as you complete the exam and pay.
  8. The ability to take the final exam as many times as you want. Say you finish the course, take the exam, but don't quite make the grade the first time out. That by itself is a bummer. But to have to pay for the course again and to spend hours retaking it sounds like electrician hell.
  9. The option to study the material as many times as you need. A traditional classroom likely won't let you sit through the training multiple times. Each seat is valuable real estate. Most likely, you'll only find this kind of option online.
  10. Pay only when you pass the exam. Now, why didn't anyone think of this before?
  11. Accredited in multiple states. If you're licensed in more than one state, check to see if the training covers all of your states.



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