Customer Stories


Learn why so many leaders are adding BlueVolt to their marketing mix.

Klein Tools

Syndication increases reach

Before Klein Tools partnered with BlueVolt, it had attempted to operate its own learning management system. But the platform didn’t… Read More >


Improved member value

IMARK set out to bridge the gap between its manufacturers and distributors in an innovative way that supported their… Read More >

Wright Tool

Front line sales ignited

One of the challenges that Wright Tools reps face is communicating the value of their products. Made entirely in the USA… Read More >


BlueVolt exists to help you sell your product. Here’s proof.

Milwaukee Tool

Increasing sales through partner training

Previous to working with BlueVolt, Milwaukee was struggling to scale their training initiatives with customers. They needed to educate more... Read More >

Affiliated Distributors

Accelerated New Product Launches

In the past, a manufacturer would take three to six months to introduce a new product to distributors. It would require thousands… Read More >

Broan NuTone

Fast, high-selling product launch

Launching a new product successfully requires critical timing. It means ensuring that when the product hits the market, the sales channel… Read More >

Sphere 1

Educated a new Distributor on product advantages

For the last 10 years, Big D Bolt & Tool had carried a line of hand tools manufactured overseas. The owner wanted to consider… Read More >

W. Va. Electric

Double-digit sales increase

It’s pretty easy to make the connection between staff’s knowledge level and the potential increase in sales... Read More >


HR managers are turning a traditional cost center into a profit center. Learn how.

Western Extralite Company

Better training with measureable results

Their previous solution offered few courses and was difficult to navigate. “To be successful, we need to provide consistent… Read More >


Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Meeting and exceeding corporate standards and goals while reducing administrative time and expense is a priority for global… Read More >

Hammond Power Solutions

Training costs reduced

Where they had spent a large portion of their time and effort deploying courses, Hammond now found that they could focus on what… Read More >