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4 Fun Careers to Take After Being an Electrician

by Kim Oates, on Jan 4, 2012 9:06:40 AM

I don't know about you, but the thought of "retirement" makes me think of boredom. The way I look at it, if you're not growing, you're letting life slip by. Drink up every last drop of life and grow by experience, by mind and by spirit.

Retire? Oh, someday I might take it easier. I might not punch a time clock, but I intend to keep busy learning and doing.

This list of things to do when you're done being a professional electrician may be all tongue-in-cheek, but let it help you think outside the junction box. Who knows! You could be the next Colonel Sanders.

  1. Professional Do-It-Yourselfer. Not that you're going to pay yourself much for fixing your own wiring, but you might like to help your neighborhood do-it-yourselfers learn how to keep from killing themselves. Imagine that; an army of do-it-yourselfers under your command. But don't get too carried away with yourself. Unless you had management training and experience, you might find your next DIY bivouac pretty empty after the first meeting.
  2. Professional Student. Yep. Pay yourself to go back to college. Earn as many degrees as you can. Soak it all up. You may well become so smart that you have to make use of all this new knowledge. Just imagine—you the PhD.
  3. Professional Hobbyist. A new career based on a hobby might just be the best thing that ever happened to you. No time clock. You are your own boss. Take your hobby and join the lecture circuit. Tell the world about the details of your hobby and what makes it so much fun. If there are others out there that share your hobby, they may enjoy learning what you learned.  Of course, if your hobby is "couch potato" or "picking navel lint," you may have an interest shared by millions, but launching yourself to the Moon might be easier than getting them to come to the lecture.
  4. Astronaut. Hey, why not? Talking about launching yourself to the Moon, if the space capsule happens to do an Apollo 13 on you, your electrician skills might come in handy. So, you think NASA's not hiring old guys for space work? Heck, Senator Glenn went up when he was 77. And you saw Space Cowboys, the movie, right?

Dream on!  Dreaming is good. In fact, a dream cannot come true unless it is dreamed in the first place. But you have to do more than dream. You have to make things happen. Because you're still an electrician, you need to take care of things like electrician license renewal and learning the latest NEC code update. And you dream of staying an electrician for the time being, right? So, take care of your online electrical continuing education and make those dreams come true.


Photo credit: puuikibeach on Flickr


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