October 19, 2012

BlueVolt, the leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the construction, manufacturing and service industries, was selected as a Top Workforce Development Provider in TrainingIndustry.com’s first annual list.

“Our inaugural Top Workforce Development Providers list showcases a great mix of companies and community colleges that provide innovative, customized corporate training. The corporate workforce development marketplace is made up of corporate training companies with a unique service offering and community colleges focused on a vertical or regional set of needs,” said Ken Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Training Industry, Inc.

The BlueVolt Learning Management System was selected for its capability to deliver vocational training for those entering the workforce, commitment to the corporate training market, industry visibility, innovation and impact, as well as the number and strength of clients and geographic reach.

“We’re excited to bring recognition to the top Workforce Development providers in the space for the first time,” said Doug Harward, Chief Executive Officer of Training Industry, Inc. “All of these suppliers deliver versatile training and have a strong client base with which they partner.”

In September 2012, BlueVolt was named to TrainingIndustry.com’s Learning Portal Companies Watch List of movers and shakers in the industry for the third year in a row.


About BlueVolt
Portland, Oregon-based BlueVolt is the leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the manufacturing, construction and service industries. BlueVolt’s LMS for the extended enterprise delivers easy-to-use training across an entire company and its suppliers, sales channel, associations and customers. The LMS delivers affordable training, verifies knowledge and reports results all in one place. BlueVolt’s unique approach to online training encourages learning with its proven reward program that is valuable to those offering and participating in learning. As of October 2012, BlueVolt has delivered more than 1,491,000 courses to over 239,000 registered users. BlueVolt has won a Gold Excellence in Technology award from Brandon Hall, a Learning Leader award from Bersin & Associates for Vendor Innovation in Learning and Talent Management and also was named to the TrainingIndustry.com Learning Portal Companies Watch List for its innovative approach to learning. For more information, visit www.bluevolt.com