Engaging, Innovative and Effective eLearning

We start by fully understanding our customers' challenges and identify how elearning will address those issues; we then design courses, based on adult learning principles, to meet your company's business objectives. We build training modules targeted to the needs of your specific groups and learners. Your audience achieves and retains in-depth knowledge through interactive exercises such as drag-and-drop, matching games and product simulations, all designed to help them understand and build new skills and techniques.
Custom Content: Affordable, Flexible Solutions

When BlueVolt develops content, we keep the complexity of information and the learner in mind. We know how to deliver the most effective training for your organization, from a full multi-media approach to a simple online presentation. Choose from three levels of content development: Platinum, Gold and Silver.


If you're teaching a new or difficult topic to hands-on learners, incorporate a variety of practice activities that give learners real-world experience. Examples include:


To understand changes to an existing process or learn a moderately complex topic, learners can explore diagrams, drag and drop objects on screen, or watch a simple animation. Examples include:


For more straightforward topics, you can create quick, simple training that's engaging and persuasive for motivated learners. Examples include:

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