• Coleman Cable is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable for the electrical, electronic, and automotive markets.

  • Without consistent messaging from a diverse sales force, sales opportunities were lost.

  • Coleman Cable University allows distributor representatives and sales agents across the country to get the same training, fit into their schedule.

  • Coleman Cable tracks participation and progress.


Customer Profile: Setting Yourself Apart From Competition

Coleman Cable Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable products for the electrical, electronic and automotive markets. Because Coleman Cable products are considered a commodity and are difficult to differentiate from the competition, it took a long time for the value of training to become apparent.


Challenge: Educate the Sales Team for Consistent Communication

Prior to using BlueVolt, Coleman Cable trained its sales representatives by relying on the knowledge of sales agencies. One experienced sales rep would train others on Coleman Cable and its products. Occasionally, Coleman Cable held in-person training sessions. They had no way of gauging the value of these meetings. “We basically left it up to the agent principles to informally train sales reps on our products,” stated Huyler, “The information that we needed to get out wasn’t being communicated effectively.” Coleman Cable needed a way to get inside sales, sales agents, and distributors on the same page.


Solution: BlueVolt LMS for Internal and External Product Training

Coleman Cable implemented the BlueVolt LMS to create a standardized online training portal. BlueVolt LMS allows sales agents and distributor representatives to fit training into and around their work schedule. “BlueVolt allows us to train a large amount of people remotely and track their progress. It’s a very convenient and easy training method.” “Now, distributors can directly access our BlueVolt training modules through either the IMARK or Coleman Cable web sites. The IMARK group of electrical distribotors is an avid user of BlueVolt, providing distributors with courses from a variety of manufacturers in one location and format.


Result: Product Training Integration With Key Partners

In two and a half years, there were over 3,000 enrollments in Coleman Cable courses. “The more distributors we can train, the more they will sell our products. We try to focus our programs on elements that will help our distributors sell more, which in turn benefits us,” stated Huyler. Using BlueVolt LMS not only provides a streamlined training process, but it also increases Coleman Cable’s visibility among distributors and sales reps. “Sales agents represent multiple product lines in our industry. Not everyone at an agency can be an expert on all products. BlueVolt training makes knowledge available to everyone at the agency and the distributor,” said Huyler. “Now, we can better focus our training efforts on all agency salespeople, regardless of their specialty, and train them on Coleman Cable products. They, in return, become experts on our products. It increases sales by providing more consistent information.”


“BlueVolt is a small investment with a big return. It’s a disadvantage to not use BlueVolt.”
Holly Huyler Marketing Manager Coleman Cable, Inc.